About Us


To become a globally recognized and celebrated philanthropic organization, deliver Superior Solutions through Jesus consciousness in Poverty Alleviation and Educational Reform


  • Work strategically with local and international institution/organization that has an interest in our areas of involvement.

  • Engage more people in the fight for poverty alleviation and Education Reform.
  • Teach the poor and rich, black and white, how the Principles and values of Jesus Christ can help redeem the world from failure.


Righteousness: Offering world-class services and achieving excellence through diligence, with the state of being morally correct and justifiable.

Honesty: Maintaining a high degree of honesty and sincerity in relating to others and in line with work ethics.

Determination: Offering world-class services and achieving excellence through diligence.

Discipline: Utmost respect and regard for customers, host communities, environment, and personnel safety.


Life is too short; the best life is the one live for God and Humanity

Good Morning Jesus Family Foundation

Good Morning Jesus Family Foundation helps to combat hunger and poverty slowly eating away the indigenous population of rural Africa.

According to the United Nation’s World Food Program, seven out of every ten rural children under the age of five, are malnourished. Poverty and lack of high-quality Education run rampant in rural regions of Africa. A typical rural Africa family of four survives on only $2 a day.

These two problems are linked. A malnourished child can not concentrate in school. Although the Africa union is starting to provide public high schools access to high-quality education, but still, severely inadequate for the rural poor.

However, there is a way out for these impoverished and often malnourished Families. With your donation, Good Morning Jesus Family Foundation will have the funds needed to provide food, clothes, and ultimately high-quality education for dozens of rural Africans. There are many ways you can help:

  • Sponsor a student by providing the gift of education to an Africa child.

  • Provide Feeding items and clothes to an Africa Family.

  • Recommend the foundation to someone in your sphere of influence that is passionate about the redemption of Africa, which has been polluted by Poverty and Ignorance.

  • Volunteer your expertise and time towards the transformation of Africa.

  • Every money counts, and your donation will have a direct impact on the lives of thousands of families within Africa. With your help, we can stamp out the forces of poverty and hunger that are slowly eating away Africa’s indigenous population.

  • And by providing high-quality education and support for the communities, we will give the unprivileged child a chance at a brighter future.

Born on 14th February 1985 in Esan North-East Local Government Area of Edo State, Evangelist Bartholomew grew up experiencing a high degree of poverty and starvation. The pain he experienced while growing up led to the discovering of his unique brand identity. 1n 2008, through the help of the Holy Spirit he was a privilege to leave the shore of Nigeria for Europe.

While he was in Nigeria the Holy Spirit perturb him severally on the need to engage aggressively in kingdom advancement, but he was adamant and refuses to adhere to the divine call until he fell into trouble in 2011 that landed him in prison. It was while he was in detention that the Holy Spirit provided him with more clarity about his assignment here on earth.

While in Europe he worked in a dynamic organization that provided the poor access to a free meal. The inspiring organization which still functions effectively till today has been able to maintain consistency because selfless wealthy and average citizenry took up the burden to regularly donate towards the smooth running of the organization. When Evangelist Bartholomew saw the awesome pattern of delivering charity, the Spirit of the living God once again commanded him to go back to Nigeria and replicate the same pattern of charity. And that was what led to the formation of the Good Morning Jesus Family Foundation.

In 2013 he set up a multi-million naira multi-media company positioned in the heart of Surulere Local Government Area, Lagos, to cater to the less privileged. Despite all efforts expelled by him and the team to make the world-class media company work, all efforts were abortive. He set up the multi-media company to enable him to deliver on his love for charity, unknown to him that God never endorsed the company despite his philanthropic drive. In 2015, his Multi-media Company called Lome Planet Studio was shut down completely to allow the smooth flow of grace into his life. That experience taught him to seek the face of God before embarking on any venture.

Though it was very painful and frustrating shutting down a company he had invested millions just to make work. But despite the pain, he remains glued to the conviction that all things work together for good to them that love God and are called according to his purpose.  Ever since the closure of the multi-million naira multi-media company, his maxim is, whatever is not orchestrated by God will not work, and should it work it will not grow, and should it grow, that growth cannot be sustained. He believes strongly that human logic is necessary but not sufficient to birth desired change. According to him, only God can change any life he so desires.

Without any major sponsor, he single-handedly started Good Morning Jesus Family Foundation in 2016, and ever since then, his life has been an inspiring force to reckon with at home and abroad.

Beyond charity Evangelist, Bartholomew is an aggressive pusher of every good thing that will advance the kingdom of God. To him, that is what drives Joy into his spirit.


Meet Our Visionary: Evangelist. E. Batholomew