Our Vocational Training Center


Our Vocation Trainings

This is a special arm of the organization that prepares students for work in a specific trade. We focus on the hands-on application of skills needed to do the job. Various sections of this unit are listed below;
  • Bag Production Unit
  • Shoe Production Unit
  • Cloth Making
  • Computer Training Unit


Bag Production Unit

Bag Production Unit is concerned with the production of different kinds of bags (leader, and cloth bags) ranging from school bags, traveling bags, ladies bags, and men’s bags.

Bag factory key activities include:

  • Bag production
  • Bag distribution and supplies
  • Designs
  • Logo Printing
  • Customization
  • Training

Shoe Production Unit

The shoe production unit is technically a part of the Bag production unit though with a different scope of work, functions, and activities. The scope of their activities deals with the production of sandals, men’s shoes, ladies’ shoes, and children’s shoes for various customers and for various purposes.

Some of their key activities include but not limited to:

  • Shoe production
  • Shoe distribution and supplies
  • Designs
  • Logo Printing
  • Customization
  • Training

Cloth Making

This unit is geared towards the training and production of cloth of all types, from ladies to kids, blouses like t-shirts, tunics, cardigans, tank tops, long and short-sleeve blouses, we also manufacture dresses, shirts, sheath dresses, dress pants, and slips.


Computer Training Unit

Computer skills are the key to the modern world, but a huge amount of people do not fully understand all the things they can do with their computers.

This course is designed to make sure you can use your computer to its fullest.

Below are the lists of courses we offer;

  • Information Technology
  • Computer Basics
  • Computer Security
  • Computer Hardware
  • Touch Typing Skills
  • Desktop Management
  • Sending Email Messages
  • Managing Files
  • Managing Folders